Tuesday, September 11

Gifts 1034-1060

I cannot believe it's been so long since I've written down the gifts God has shown me. Man... better late than never.

Laynie...such a sweet spirit in that one
Remembering pain. For without pain, how would we truly grow?
Learning to stop looking to people
Summer storms
Coffee machine, brewing out my morning cup
A church family.
Someone genuinely happy to see me
Parents moving closer
Temptation...forcing me to look up, begging for strength
Kaelyn reading to everyone!
Kaelyn's school...the incredible lessons it has afforded us
The friends we've met that we are called to be a light to
my six year old witness for Jesus. She's like a little missionary
Sibling rivalry. So thankful they have each other.
the laundry that never ever ever ends. Let it never stop
a handy husband who can fix (and sometimes break) anything
a burdened heart...for days
 learning to treat my body as a temple
learning that God gave us everything we need in nature
my body
 watching an imagination game unfold
playing in the rain...barefoot...with the neighbor kids down the street
living with simplicity...trying anyway
every day a new beginning
my kids, helping with chores...ahhh...bliss ;)


  1. beautiful!!! i think I'm in the same boat. i need to do this. thanks for the reminder!

  2. It is so nice to see you blogging again. I was missing it :) I love "watching an imagination game unfold".



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