Sunday, November 13

Horses stole my Heart

I grew up surrounded by people who owned and rode horses. A few of my very early jobs were taking care of and exercising neighbors' horses. Riding lessons were my favorite activity I ever did, I spent hours sketching horses in sketch book after sketch book and riding such a majestic animal into wide open areas with no agenda, just room and time to roam was my sanctuary growing up. I have always dreamed of owning horses. Someday I will. ;)

Well, when we were in Oklahoma, my parents are surrounded by neighbors who also own horses and every day, multiple times each day, we would take the golf cart or walk the six (ish) acres to greet them with carrots and nuzzles in our hands.

The kids loved it, and I was in heaven. My breath really stopped a little short each time and I ached to be able to spend time with them all the time. It was such a memorable and enjoyable experience.

My parents' home from the front

Later that afternoon, Poppa pulled out a book he wrote for me when I was a child. It's called The Tale of Loveland and I adored it! It was so neat to watch the kids enjoying the story as much as I did.


  1. Steph grew up riding horses and is dying to take Luka horseback riding and we just found a ranch not far from us that you can go to for horse back riding tours! they can't wait to go!!!

  2. oh man oh man I seriously want to move to your folks house, like yesterday. Gorgeous. What a great place to visit & take your kids.

    I love horses I always wanted a pony & never got one darn it Santa! Lol

    Thank you SO much for my Etsy goods! They smell super!

  3. Horses are so beautiful. The word that usually comes to mind is "majestic".

    However, I've ridden a horse maybe twice in my life and I was terrified!! I hate feeling like I dont have control and that the horse could buck me off at any moment.

    But I enjoyed this post! I didn't know you had such a history with horses.
    Loved seeing all the pics of your parents' place. And your kids are just so adorable!



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