Monday, November 7

Gifts 968-1001

Enduring faithfulness
Morning walks and rides with the family
enjoying a sunny but cool break from the rain
not losing my temper when I really thought I would
my 'tree' (christmas, fall, halloween...etc)
forgotten God
ignorance...shows God's wisdom
pulling out extra blankets for cold nights
footie pajamas
dish soap for bubbles
fights with hubby
snickerdoodle blondies
inspiring blog posts
learning that some secrets are kept because of the fear that God is not as big as that secret
Realizing that He is bigger
Not saving face
not worrying about how others see me or think of me
but only that they are thinking of God when they do
still trying
helping in daughter's class
praying with and for Daughter each morning before school
teaching her to be a witness so much earlier than I had anticipated
Public school
so many opportunities to teach her to have compassion
Her teacher's dedication
cinnamon bear scentsy
cinnamon vanilla iced tea
Christmas sparkle coming out around my house
Anticipating Jesus' birthday


  1. where do you get cinnamon vanilla iced tea??

  2. The "not losing my temper when I thought I would" is always a nice one! And I've definitely learned through experience how my ignorance shows God's wisdom!!

    Another fun list to read =)



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