Tuesday, November 1

Day Four

I never finished the pics from our Oklahoma trip! Agh! 

BTW...my dad called me today to tell me that he saw, smiled at and waved to Garth Brooks at a little pizza joint on his lunch break today. All I could say was "Oh my goodness!" over and over. I'm so jealous. And I so need to move to Oklahoma. I think Garth and Trisha and Hubby and I would become fast friends. His daughters would always be wanting to play with and perhaps even babysit our kids...Hubby would cook up some delicious family BBQ's that we'd invite them over for, they'd have us over for songs around the firepit. And then we'd three-way call PW to join us for a fun family day. 

Anyway...on the fourth day my Dad took the day off work and took us to the air and space museum. It was small, but oh so fun!! The kids had a blast, it was really interactive and the veterans that were working there were so adorable. :)

It really brought a smile to my dad's face to see the kids so interested in everything, considering that he has worked in aerospace his whole life. Right when my dad and I were trying to scoot us out the door to go grab lunch, the kids spotted these Pratt-Whitney engines. They HAD to go see them. No buttons, No noises, No movement and it was just about their favorite part of the museum. They were fascinated! lol

After the museum, my dad treated us to a delicious southern style, hole in the wall fish place. Everything was fried and served with a side of hush puppies and cajun rice. It was heavenly and quite the treat compared to our regular dinner fare. I lived it up with the fried fish combo platter (truly a platter), my kids however, much preferred sharing my dad's grilled fish skewer. Ah, I've raised them so well. ;)

When we got home, Baby napped and the big kids gardened with my mom.

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  1. Oh my gosh what fun! Noah would go buck wild in an astronaut getup! Glad you enjoyed the time with your family! :)

    P.s. I need to get your # or email b/c I don't have social networking anymore & life is crazy busy with packing, furniture fixing up & work...I would like to plan something to meet but incase I can't anytime soon it's probably best just to ship my Scentsy goods. Thanks DeBran XO



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