Monday, September 5


The sun was lazy to rise this morning.
It hid behind big clouds, heavy with a late summer's rain.
The sky however, was a magnificent testament to the Creator's work. Jesus was not lazy this morning. He was hard at work, pulling the clouds, the rain, the soft breezes together to portray His glory.

To remind weary souls upon waking that He is there.
He is always there.
When we are sleeping, He is not.
He is at work, steadily, quietly.
I opened the door and smelled the rain, felt the breeze on my face.
I stepped out into the soft wet falling from above, still in my sleep shirt, not feeling or seeing anything but holiness.
Everything was being gently washed, the quiet drops taking the dust and grime away.
I closed my eyes and felt them fall on my face, my hair, my shirt. My toes felt the cool, damp ground and then the soft and warm breeze kissed my cheeks.
What a beautiful morning.

I returned inside, opened all the curtains and blinds to share with my family this serenity just outside.
I could hear the birds calling quietly to one another. Almost whispering. Perhaps they are also exclaiming God's glory.
No cars drove by, no dogs barked. The children slept in late, cozy in their rooms darkened by the clouds.
As if the entire world has stopped moving, creeping softly about, holding their breath, barely uttering a whisper.
No one wants to break the scene of peaceful majesty we have been gifted today.
Thank you for this morning.
This calm.
So much is said in silence.
So much is communicated when we stop talking, stop thinking.
When we barely breath.
Sit, waiting, listening, feeling...
Knowing that He is our God
We wait on Him,
stop looking within.
Stop trying,
keep praying.
Give up on ourselves,
Never give up on God.
When our voice is quiet,
when our spirit is hushed,
that's when His still, small voice
becomes obvious and impossible to ignore.
When we stop moving and struggling,
stop fighting, that's when He can move, work, fight.
When we get out of His way, He becomes our way.

Thank you for this morning.
For these thoughts.
For this stillness.
Help me to seek the quiet,
to find the calm,
to meditate in the silence.


  1. beautiful post lady! I think i'm gonna link this to my FB is that ok?

  2. Of course, thanks! :) Have a great labor day!



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