Tuesday, September 6

Here and there

Our turtle, Gerks

Hey, you got some stuff hanging out of your mouth :/

Hello Kitty is getting the job done for Daughter's lunch this year

What she's enjoying: Pb and J, strawberries, sunflower seeds and chocolates, Bunny Grahams, Carrots and hummus. And of course a note to remind her how much I love her. They're mostly stick figures right now ;)

Dinner last night, a bigger success than I anticipated
Won ton soup
 Edamame (I knew they'd love this, they always do!) and leftover garlic bread
 Eat it up!
 Baby LOVED the won tons
 Son was pretty happy with the whole thing ;)

I love that they are getting used to veggies and healthy foods...from early on I've always had something on their plate that I wanted them to eat but wasn't sure about. I hoped that in time, they'd just learn to like things from watching us and really from having no other choice. I've said it before, but I only make meals one time. So if they don't like things, they wait until the next meal or snack time. They have opted to skip meals before, but it's rare. It really pays off though when my kids are happily lapping up soup filled with spinach, green onions, cilantro, soy beans, and carrots or scarfing down zucchini, basil, tomatoes and asparagus. It really pays to keep trying, keep a big variety and of course show your kids how tasty veggies and healthy foods like nuts and fruits really are! If you have picky eaters, take my word for it and just keep trying and offering a variety of those healthy foods. And accept no other options. If they won't eat it, then hopefully they'll like the next meal better ;) 

Disclaimer: Obviously I'm no doctor or nutritionist (although I've always thought I'd love that job) so I know there are extreme cases. I am not suggesting starving your children or refusing them anything other than the broccoli they hate when they are not growing or thriving well. 


  1. LOVELY, lovely photos lady! the lighting is peeerrrrfect. THe wonton soup looks delish! I want some now - even in this 102 degree heat!

    I wish my kids ate so good. tonight we had lucky charms. lol.
    I had a busy day at CPR class give me a break.


  2. I need to take healthy eating classes from you my friend!!!! help me!!! :)

  3. i wish we ate better!



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