Friday, June 10

Gifts 569-601

Foot Rubs
Pudding pie
Dinners with family
Thanksgiving feast in May
New growth on baby trees
Pruning roses in the early morning
Buds in jars filled with cool water 
Hot tears stinging my neck as baby nestles deep, comforting in pain
clean sheets
silhouette of flowers in glass against morning sun coming through curtains
Butterfly Bush flowers in jars on the table
visits from mom
spending time talking with mom
shopping with gift cards
sharing what I've learned
venting with yet still encouraging friends
positive messages
being busy
sitting and freezing the moment
remembering to pause and praise
dates alone with Hubby
laughing loud in the night
rainbows in photos
meeting with Aunt Ruthie
being encouraged
words of wisdom shared openly over lemonade and pie
sugar pie and berry pie

1 comment:

  1. always love to read these...thanks for sharing...showing how God moves you is the best testament of HIM.



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