Saturday, July 21

First Days

I found Brandt with this little scene all set up. And all on his own!! He was fixing his own truck after helping Daddy fix his car. ;)

Some fun little crocheted hearts and a dinosaur beanie

Now...onto the first few days with Laynie. Here she is in the hospital still.
Meeting Brandt
and Wayde
Kaelyn was at school, so i didn't get a good pic of her when she came to the hospital

Going home

A little dress up seemed appropriate for the second day at home with Laynie.
Why not?

First matching nighties. It was a "my dolly and me" set.

Family pictures with newborn Laynie were not our finest moments. :/

Yes, I know I look like a buffalo. How is it that one can look heavier AFTER giving birth, than before??
Book choice is appropriate, no? Animals..

Laynie would NOT put her legs down, so the kids were making fun of her. Haha...and so it begins

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