Monday, January 2


Explaining her custom carving plan to daddy

Getting ready for our annual chili cook-off on Halloween night!

So many delicious entries to try!

Going out for girls' day!

Daughter has been begging me to teach her to embroider or crochet...since both are just a bit beyond her, I thought we'd start with basic cross-stitch and see how she liked it.

She did great, and really enjoyed it and even threaded her own needle when I wasn't looking and again for the camera!!

These silly kids

We discovered that glow sticks from the dollar bins are FABULOUS bath toys!

PJ Day at school!

I made Mario Bros cookies for an order...I was scared to death the make the mario face, but they came out alright! The eyes are a little googly, but whatever. ;)

1 comment:

  1. luka would DIE if he saw those cookies he is obsessed with Mario and Luigi....Pickypants might even eat one! haha



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