Thursday, November 24

Gifts 1002-1033

I can't believe I reached One Thousand gifts in my list. It seemed like such a far number and on some days it seemed that I couldn't manage to see a single gift. Yet on other days I couldn't take a single breath without sending thanks and praise above. I considered stopping my list; obviously listing my gifts doesn't make me truly thankful itself, but it is a great way to remind myself of all the THOUSANDS of things Jesus gives me every moment, over and over. At first, I didn't ever want to repeat any gift, but as my list went on, I learned that at different times, the same gift could mean something completely different or that Jesus gave it to me for a completely different reason. I love having my list to reflect on, to look back and remember seeing, acknowledging and appreciating that particular gift. So my list will continue. And I will continue it on my blog. So if you are extremely tired of reading them, feel free to skip right on by. But I hope that you also look around with your heart and eyes more open to receiving God's gifts.

Even in times of trials, when I find myself looking at my life in shambles (or what feels like shambles) and asking God, "Why? Why this? Why me?" It is those times that I have learned that my gifts are directly related to my response. Instead of asking why did I not get this, or why do I have to go through that, I could (and should) instead be asking "Why only this trial? Why not more suffering? Why so many good things? Why so many wonderful times?"

For each good and wonderful thing is not deserved or earned by me. I have not warranted anything lovely or precious. Every soft cloud, every cool breeze, every smile from my children, every ladybug we admire, every cough, sneeze and sniffle....these are all reminders of what I DO deserve, but am spared. So every time I get a flat tire, every time I wonder how we're going to make it though the month because it's a financially difficult season, every time my husband works long into the night, every time I am lonely and sad... in these moments I pray that God continues to reveal Himself to me. That I would praise Him that He's spared me from so much more pain.

1002. Breakfast with my little lovey's
Sick with colds on Thanksgiving break
Learning to be wiser with our monetary blessings
Learning about St. Nicholas
Secret Blessings
Jesus speaking softly
Daughter thankful for her brothers
Son thankful for his head 
(Pretty good one actually, where would we be without our heads?)
Closer-than-family friends
smiles from my kids
hugs from my hubby before he goes to work on Thanksgiving
watching the sunrise with a gingerbread latte (home-style lol)
invitations from friends to be a part of their family
overwhelming love
Jelly Bean, kicking and rolling around like crazy
Daughter and Son already vowing to protect her and take care of her
Large families causing me to want for so little and have so much
Yarn- lots and lots of yarn!!
watching the light change on the leaves as the sun rises
A rainy day turned sunny
a sunny day turned rainy
Mercy, oh mercy. Lord, help me to Love Mercy
the option to live for righteousness (2 Peter)
That I don't have to live in/for depravity
husband, loving and kind, earnest and honest, still so in need of Jesus
praying to tears
Renewed friendships
my head ;)


  1. So awesome... I never did count mine. i guess I should have so i could see if i ever hit 1000. ;)

    I love this... love reading what's on your heart. Truly miss you friend. And now... I will finally respond to your text that i lagged on!


    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. that should read Christine. but I am logged into Adam's google account. oops!



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